Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Yes. We. Can. Obama '08

California went to Hillary.

Ohio will matter.

This morning I wrote down all the reasons I won't support Hillary as the party nominee. Honestly, if it's Hillary versus McCain, I might end up voting Republican again. Here are my reasons for why I don't think Hillary is a worthy first female president (in no particular order).

1. When Bill publicly humiliated his wife with the most public affair (infidelity) on the most public stage with the most public and despicable of lies, Hillary set women back twenty years by forgiving him.

2. I take that back. She didn't forgive him. She "excused" him. She quickly accepted his terms for how to be married to Bill and moved on. Is that the example I want for my life, for my daughter's?

3. She didn't excuse him because they had some therapeutic, miraculous internal transformation in their marriage. She excused him for the basest of all reasons: naked ambition. Hillary's future as a potential candidate for president hinged on her staying near to the power that Bill offered her. She didn't (doesn't) trust herself to lead. She pretends to.

4. Hillary has been about maneuvering herself in such a way that she can claim the office of president using Bill's record as her own. Sure she's been a senator. How did she get there? Hillary brings to the table her years of sitting up late at night chatting with Bill about his day; that's essentially what it means to say that she's already been in the White House. She sees herself as having gained experience through Bill. In other words, she is running partly on his record.

5. Is that the idea of "first woman president" that I have always had? That the wife of the former president can scoot into position because her husband paved the way, made it easier for her somehow, abused their marriage and then does penance by supporting her White House ambition? For me, it's despicable.

6. What of her senate seat? Certainly it's real. Yet look at how much of it has been constructed to get her to this day - running for president. She wants to be perceived as the candidate in the middle... so who knows what she really believes?

In fact, that sums up my whole feeling about Hillary. I don't believe her.

I want a woman president who got there because she earned her way, she had the guts to stand for her dignity when humiliated and doesn't depend on her husband as a co-president for her credentials in office.

A woman running for president should "get there" without depending on a husband, without compromising what it means to be a strong individual. With Hillary, I get neither. She strikes me as ambivalent.

I'll be very disappointed if she gets the nomination. I don't think she can win. There are too many of us who have traditionally voted Republican who can't get over her. If the party doesn't realize that Obama drew us in and Hillary repels us, I think they are making a big mistake. McCain (though he drives me crazy) is a reasonable alternative for swing voters. I don't know if Hillary can beat him. I believe Obama can.


Dave said...

Last night, my wife and I were watching the returns and Julie exclaimed, "I just don't get what people see in her!" (Referring to HRC of course.) That about sums it up for a lot of people, I agree, and you did a nice job laying out your case "against" Hillary, which to me looks pretty clearly like an insurmountable personal obstacle re: earning your vote.

I myself "could" vote for her in November, but only because I would rather have her set up the next administration instead of "Hundred Years War" McCain, who looks increasingly unappealing the more I try to envision him succeeding President Bush. But I harbor my own version of that "insurmountable personal obstacle" against supporting Bush and anyone who would intend to uphold the policies he initiated. McCain talked about "taking the battle to the enemy" last night... meaning the Democrats. To me, that kind of language directed against fellow Americans is unexcusable and unacceptable... but I'm not here to debate McCain vs. Clinton -we may have all summer for that. :o)

My question for you is, would you have the time or inclination to get involved on some level with the Obama campaign? I was all set to do that until he pulled his name off the MI ballot. I've already been asked to consider doing some phone-banking aimed at Ohio voters. I just might! I am eager to get involved in some way, and certainly will in the general election, if Barack is the nominee. What do you think about taking your support to that level?

julieunplugged said...

Already ahead of you Dave. :) I joined the Cincinnati Obama e-list last night and this morning volunteered for phone calling and neighborhood canvassing. I'll be picking up yard signs and buttons later today. :)

Dave said...

That's awesome! I look forward to reading your reports... and this nudges me closer to working in some small way on behalf of the Ohio-for-Obama campaign!

Ampersand said...

Ah so we finally disagree on something other than Brady vs. Manning. :)

I would not be unhappy with McCain, Clinton, or Obama. But I think Obama can bring the most positive change.

As for your thoughts on HRC, they are totally valid...although I doubt any one of us can know her true motives for staying married.

But still. I like her. Maybe it is the dyke in me?

RedGypsie said...

Bwaahaha...I totally agree. I was having a similar rant this morning when I heard Obama criticized by some uber-idiot as "inexperienced" versus Hilliary. Huh? By virtue of her dysfunctional marriage and time as a senator? I loathe the idea of a McCain/Clinton choice...both of them drive me up the wall. Will drive a return to being my being apolitical I believe. Life has too many irons in the fire to waste time thinking either of them will bring about any kind of real change. I don't trust them with my investment. Candidates like Ron and Obama make me interested in the hope and conversation. I know Ron won't get the nomination for myriad of reasons; I liked Obama before Ron and will support him after Ron. Go Obama!!!

my15minutes said...

Hear, hear!
Or is it Here! Here! :-)

Couldn't agree with you more on Hilary, but thanks for encapsulating it so well. I'm still a Ron Paul fan ... wouldn't hurt my feelings if he ran independent, once the party picks their man. With a Hilary nomination, I think there are countless people who would vote Republican as a protest vote. Against Obama, I think it will be a tougher race for any Republican. I wonder if Barakillary -- or Hillarak? -- will emerge as the ticket? Would either settle for that? I wonder what the Republican party will do at their convention also.... will Huckabee or Paul emerge to influence the choice of VP? Who will pick a candidate first...the Dems or the Repubs??

My husband is hung up on the fact that Obama won't salute the American you know if that is true, or is it just an internet rumor? It IS kinda hard to be the commander in chief of men and women who are fighting for the flag if you won't honor it. But I don't know where that story came from....

Dancingirl said...

Hey! I can agree with one of your political posts! I was talking with friends the other night and said that I think the Democrats will be making a bad mistake with Hillary. She garners too much negativity. People will vote Republican just to vote against her.

Like Beth, I'm a Ron Paul fan. So far he's the only one in our city with any signs up!

julieunplugged said...

Beth, the hand over the heart thing and the flag lapel pin are both part of the email gossip chain that apparently are still getting play. Obama, for instance, is one senator who voted to require the pledge in classrooms every day in America. the hand over the heart: well, you can read about it here:

ABC blog Obama

I liked his comment:
"This was not during the pledge of allegiance," Obama said of the picture taken at Senator Tom Harkin's, D-Iowa, annual steak fry and first published by Time. "A woman was singing the Star Spangled Banner when that picture was taken.

"I was taught by my grandfather that you put your hand over your heart during the pledge, but during the Star Spangled Banner, you sing!" Obama said.

Ed G. said...

nice words, julie. i've liked mccain for a number of years, but have been so excited about Obama. after never getting involved before, i've actually donated (4 times now) and made a few calls and emails.

i am so ready for an obama win (or is that a win for all of us?)... but am warming up to the idea that if not obama, then hilary. watching the LA debate, made me think that deep down she really does care.

Shawn said...

I'm a big O supporter and will probably vote Green if Hillary gets the nod. I don't like here either, but more as a politician than a person.

I get uncomfortable when people claim to know exactly what went on between her and Bill. How do we know Hillary's motivations? How do we know that there wasn't genuine forgiveness and repentance?

There's plenty of reasons not to vote for Hillary politically without speculating about things we can never know about her personally.

julieunplugged said...

Shawn, your point is well-taken. I don't know what happened between Hillary and Bill. That was negative speculation. After a night with U2, I feel convicted. Thanks for the reminder to be charitable.

carrie said...

I haven't read the comments yet, but I wanted to say I agree with everything you said (except I'm not drawn to Obama much - I'm pleased with the probable McCain nomination). I certainly wouldn't mind a woman president, but Hillary isn't what I'm looking for. I told Will back when Clinton was president that all that woman wanted was to be president, and she was prepared to do anything to get it. Guiliani should have done his job and run against her for NY Senate. He'd probably have won and we wouldn't be talking about this today. Anyway...I can't add much to what you said.

Robert said...

I like your breakdown on HRC julie and your take on Mccain and obama. I wish the GOP had another candidate in there not sure who. If obama wins and can bring back the spirit of what bobby kennedy had going in 1968 that would be fantastic. Im curious, what do you think of bobby kennedy and what he was about?