Thursday, February 21, 2008

Talk versus Action (and Health Care)

Clinton: Our next president needs to be a lot less hat and a lot more cattle. She's featuring her past history - what she's done.

Makes the low-blow remark that Obama's supporter couldn't remember what Obama had done. Not sure how that will play.

Obama: He's acted a lot, so he says. Passed the toughest ethics reform since Watergate. Makes the accusation that Clinton sees his supporters as "delusional." Wow. Big word.

He follows it up with commenting that they are perceptive of what is wrong with Washington and want to go beyond the divisiveness and gridlock.

Nice job. His fans loved it.

Here goes the plagiarism issue. He now must respond. And Deval is national co-chair of Obama's campaign. I didn't know that. Deval made the suggestion that he use it. (I hadn't heard that. Don't know if that is massaging it a bit.) Mentioned "silly season" in politics. Made me laugh. He went back to the issues.

He complimented his own speeches which is funny! $4000 tuition credit for every year in exchange for national service.

Revising tax code.

Bringing home the troops.

The dig at the end: Don't carry the country down, build the country up!

Clinton: She gets tough now. She says that he lifted whole passages and that if you run on words, you have to use your own words. It's not enough to say that we have to come together, we have to work hard - so she says. She is highly conscious of the fact that she has to get people who oppose her to be overcome.

This language is so hostile to the half the country. I just can't believe that she is still looking at the world this way. It's what doesn't work. It's how Obama looks at it differently (at least in his rhetoric).

Obama: He goes on and on about his plan - reduces costs and wants to give everyone opportunity but not a mandate. He accuses her of going behind closed doors to get that plan in gear. He wants to have everyone involved.

Clinton: She just threw a good punch - that voluntary health care will not work and then pandered to Senator Edwards (for the third time).

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