Thursday, February 21, 2008


Would you consider stopping raids on undocumented immigrants?

Clinton: Leaving children without parents - not the America she knows. Tougher more secure borders, but crack down on employers who exploit undocumented workers.

She would help them create jobs in Mexico... how?

Path to legalization in the first 100 days of her presidency.

Obama: Immigration reform that he worked on and it died in the House. Used as a political football.

1. Absolutely critical that we tone down rhetoric. Undertone ugly. "We are a nation of laws and immigrants and we can reconcile the two."

2. Improve our relationship with Mexico.

So far, it looks like they have the same position basically. Accuses Bush of not creating a better Mexico-American relationship that he promised.

Border Fence - John's question

Clinton: She does a great job of showing the Bush failure about the border and then says she will talk to the people who live along the border. She used the "smart way" and the "dumb way" rhetoric. She suggests more personnel, technology as creating a "fence" (a virtual fence?). Does she realize how big the border is?!?

Obama: He entirely agrees with Clinton. This is an interesting strategy. Because he has the upper hand in the delegate count, he's now enjoying the benefits of agreement rather than differentiation. Fascinating change.

Doesn't want to send everyone back and thinks it's overkill. Comprehensive reform is what's needed.

Can do this immediately: Pass the "dream" act. Allows children who through no fault of their own, are here. Allow them higher education.

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