Thursday, February 07, 2008

SBC commentary on Dobson's press release

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Focus on the Folly

All I’m asking is for evangelicals in the Republican Party to give James Dobson the same kind attention we would give to our senile and increasingly erratic grandfathers.

Love them. Listen to them. Laugh with them.

Then make sure they take their medicine.


Drew said...


Ampersand said...

"Evangelicals in the Republican party."

Redundant? Are there evangelicals in the Democratic party?

Really, I want to know!

Dave said...

Kim: yes there are... at least, evangelicals ready to vote Democratic. A lot of them are Obama supporters. Certainly not in numbers that compare to what evangelicals will still be able to rally to support McCain... but I don't think the "church vote" will be anything approaching monolithic, nor will there be as much overt political activism in churches as there was in 2000 and especially 2004. There's no way that McCain can generate that kind of zeal from the Dobsonites and their ilk.

Kansas Bob said...

I think that Dobson and the other conservative radio celebrities are just reacting to their loss of political influence.. no one seems to be listening to them :)

carrie said...

Dobson needs to get over himself. His strong-arming is pitiful and self-serving. But I'm not so sure he's as ineffective as people think. Where I "live" (homeschooling community) he still carries a lot of weight.