Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tested the Most

Clinton: She admits to the crises she's lived through, aka Bill. Shakes her head in wonderment. She's gone through nothing compared to the rest of us. She was honored to speak at the Intrepid center with Senator McCain.

She then talks about the feeling of feeling blessed, and that she felt called by her faith and her blessings to work for others to get what she has.

She then does the best move ever: she says she is honored to be here with Barack, that she and Barack, no matter what happens, she will be fine - they have the support of friends and family and will go on. She just hopes we can say the same of the American people later.

Great move! Inspiring. She won that last one hands down!


Tim said...

true a great closing line... but given her continuing to criticize obama for "xeroxing" lines, folks immediately started looking up her closing line, and it bears a lot of resemblence to Edwards in a previous debate:

julieunplugged said...

No way! That's so interesting and once I saw the clip, I remembered Edwards in that debate saying it.

The whole thing is eerie, isn't it?

SusansPlace said...

Julie, I really enjoyed your comments. Thanks!


Davis said...

Hmmm... sounds like "plagiarism" to me ;-)

The line deserves applause.

Kansas Bob said...

"She's gone through nothing compared to the rest of us."

I'd trade places with her.. but not with Bill :)