Friday, February 15, 2008

LA Reporter picks the wrong "Brother"

HT: Think on These

The reporter here is trying to paint the honk and wave Obama supporter as driven by emotion rather than substance. He picked the wrong guy!

(I must add that for the next three weeks, this blog may be saturated with Obama-Ohio type news. Just a head's up as the campaign heats up.)


brian said...

Love it! Thanks, Julie.

Dave said...

That was pretty good up until the "I might vote for McCain" part. I will never swallow that pill. Better to not vote at all from where I stand.

brian said...

I think the "I might vote for McCain" part was about Derrick saying don't try to predict me. He's keeping his options open.

While I have never voted for a Republican, I refuse to be labeled a Democrat. I keep my independent status. Every election, i look at the candidates from both sides. I will consider McCain. He's better than the others we could have had from the Republican side. But, something as yet unforeseen would have to happen for me to vote for anyone Obama or Clinton.

SusansPlace said...

What a sharp young man!