Thursday, February 21, 2008


How would Obama be different than Clinton to run economy?

Obama: Economy has to be a priority for next pres. Restore fairness and balance. Stop giving tax breaks to companies shipping jobs overseas. Stop tax cuts to wealthy and tax breaks to middle class ($75K and under). Pay for them by closing loopholes and tax havens.

Trade deals: Strong labor and environmental and safety standards. Opportunities in our economy around creating a green economy.

Love the way he and Hillary both acknowledge agreement. That's so nice. He keeps focusing on how to get it done. We have to focus on creating a working coalition for change.

Clinton: (Great question for her - what is different about her on day one compared with Obama?)

She agrees that this is the democratic agenda (getting rid of the tax breaks). Good comment: The wealthy have had a president, not there needs to be one who will "work for you" (middle class).

Trade time out
Trade prosecutor to enforce agreements we have
Tougher standards (vigorous enforcement)

Foreclosure crisis: crack down on abusive practices of lenders. Moratorium for 90 days on foreclosures. 80,000 in TX and 90,000 in TX. Wow. Freeze interest rates for five years.

Three ways to jumpstart:

1. Clean, green jobs (5 billion investment in clean green jobs)

2. Infrastructure (bridges, roads, tunnels)

3. End Bush's war on science... we need to be the innovation nation.

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