Monday, February 18, 2008

Barack-Star Obama

If Bono's ability to move Americans to action through arena rock is any indication, Barack Obama may be the best thing to happen to American politics in a long time.

You guessed it. Here's my UPI article featuring Bono and Barack.


Stephanie said...


OMG! Great piece and I almost can't believe the the last sentence! Woo hoo! Looking forward to more conversation when we see one another.

Deb said...

Great article - Obama doesn't know it yet but he needs to hire you as one of his speech writers.

brian said...

Wow. You compared Barack to Bono? I think that's the highest praise possible coming from you, Julie. ;-)

Great article. Very well said. I find it absolutely astounding that Hillary tries a "just words" approach when that's really all a politician has to use to create change. It's not like politicians do anything physical. They use words. That's what they do! Speeches, policy documents, etc. It's about the dumbest approach she could possibly take made ironic by the fact that she uses words to condemn Barack's use of words.

Dave said...

Just a note to say... Wisconsin showed you how to do it... now go get OhiO for Obama!

Sentient Marrow said...

Beautiful Julie! I love how you wove a U2 lyric or two in there. :)