Monday, February 11, 2008

Rocky update

The meds
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He's back home and looks a bit like a cartoon dog recovering from an anvil dropped on his head. Poor thing!

So far he's peed on two couches, has hobbled out to the back yard only to tuck his tail under and limp back to the glass door with plaintive eyes that seem to say, "Are you kidding me? I'm supposed to pee out there?"

I negotiated the vet hospital bill. Scratch that: I browbeat the poor receptionist who has little to do with setting the terms of the bill when she notified me that they had raised the total $300 past the high-end estimate. Once I unloaded both personal financial woes as well as meticulous analysis of the pre-approved items, she called me back to let me know I was "right" and that they had over-charged me. Ha! Cheaters.

Still, can't complain now that our sweet dog is home. I slept last night. That helped me recover. Now we're all about spoiling him with cheese covered pain killers, pee pads, soft blankets and love.

Earlier, Rocky limped into the living room to find me, heroically jumped (lurched, more like) onto the cushions and then laid his chin and the coffee filter head gear surrounding it onto my shoulder. He closed his eyes and sighed a deep doggie sigh. I stroked his back and whispered sweet somethings into his ear. He relaxed against me and dozed. It was the most tender offer of forgiveness I've ever received. And during Lent. How appropriate.

Recovering dog


carrie said...

Glad Rocky is home. What a sweet picture that is. Poor baby!

Have you tried the "pee-pee pads" they make for training puppies? (Or you could probably save money and buy the flat pads for humans.) You could put one under him on the couch. Even if you put him on a towel and the pad under the towel it would help the couch situation.

I hope he feels better soon. Glad you slept.

brian said...


Did you take him to County Animal Hospital in Mason? They are expensive (but good). Glad you got the bill negotiated down.

I'm even more glad Rocky is back home. I'm sure he'll be back to his old self in no time.

my15minutes said...

Looks like St. Rocky to me. :-) Love the plastic halo. Glad you slept and he's getting better.

rmkton said...

Julie, glad that Rocky is recovering. sounds like he needs some TLC from PTSD as well. I find it amazing that dogs seem to instinctly know when we are down and they try to perk us up with their company...I guess they expect the same...must be the pack thing. Dogs add so much to our lives.

R. Michael

Barbara said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! I just read the horrifying story of Rocky getting hit! What a nightmare to see in front of your eyes, but Praise God he's ok!

He looks like my dog, Chloe, she's a Rat Terrier, what breed is Rocky?

What a huge relief that he's going to be fine!

julieunplugged said...

Barbara, he is a rat terrier! (mixed with chihuahua and perhaps Jack Russel)

We love him. He's doing much better today. He's again at the vet's getting his bandages changed. They have to be changed every other day for a week under anesthesia. :( But then his healing should be swift. I can't wait until he's back to his cheery, free-spirited self.

julieunplugged said...

Brian, he went to the animal hospital on Kemper in Blue Ash. They were the only ones open on Sunday.

SusansPlace said...

awww...he looks like he is so glad to to be home!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Rocky is home and is on the road to recovery. Bless you for taking such good care of this very important member of your family!

iluka said...

I love that picture! This story would make a great kid's book. OK, the accident is a bit scary, but it deals with an issue that lots of kids worry about and have to face - and it has a happy ending.

Golden Dreams said...

Glad that Rocky is home. I read the previous and had a pit in my stomach.

Davis said...

This is so touching to us. We recently lost our dog to a rare condition and he was young and fit before we ended up at the vet hospital - facing with operations that could have run into several thousands... In the end, after major surgery, he died and left us utterly bereft.

I'm so glad Rocky made it through! (I know what that "thud" sounds like and it does sound final and horrible.)

Now we're starting afresh with a new and exhausting, but lovable, puppy.