Sunday, February 03, 2008

Tom Petty! SuperBowl Halftime

Opens halftime with my personal anthem: "American Girl." I used to drive my dad's Datsun 240Z (sea breeze green) over the 405 with this song blaring from my speakers, knowing it was just for me. Tom Petty was one of my college faves. He wrote about Ventura Boulevard and Century City... my world.

So far so good.


Dave said...

I thought it was a pretty good show. Safe, manageable, aimed at the 35+ demographic, can't help but wonder what the music meant to the teenyboppers mugging for the cameras tho.

Gregster said...

Last week, my son came to me with an impassioned plea to help him get a 1952 replica Telecaster and a new Vox amplifier. "This is the sound I've been trying to get with my Strat and it's just not working." So what does Petty play on songs 3 & 4 at the Super Bowl? Yeah, an old Tele with a Vox amp. Of course, I did not hear the end of it.