Monday, February 25, 2008

Tiger peaked at eleven?

Don't you believe it.

What a weekend for golf fans. Can he get any more dominant? It used to be: Tiger wins his first tournament at ______________. Now every time he wins, they simply put another hash mark next to the golf course and tourney, state and month (after all, perhaps we can start saying "He won Torrey Pines three times in February, twice in June, parsing it all the way down to temperature "and once when the temps fell to 42 degrees"). Good grief.

I remember one commentator saying that Tiger will singlehandedly reverse the effects of deforestation as, by the time he's done with golf, all the records will be put on one sheet of paper with his name at the top.

I feel lucky that I get to watch history unfold.


brian said...

The only problem with yesterday is I planned my day around getting to watch some warm weather and sunshine and the match between Cink and Tiger. By the time television coverage came on, it was pretty much over! The PGA was stupid for making the last match 36 holes, then only covering the last 18. I watched most of the match while I was working on other things.

It is a joy to watch a guy so totally in control of his game. I'm not a hockey fan, so I never watched Gretzky. The only guy I can compare Tiger to is Michael Jordan. He's definitely one of those once in a lifetime (if that often) kind of guys.

Lesley said...

LOOOOVE that Tiger!