Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tough end for Buckeye fans

It's crazy to think that a team could be rated number one for an entire season and then get pounded in a final. It's also odd to imagine that anyone debated whether the Gators deserved to be in the final after watching what looked like speedy circus cars buzzing around elephants. The Gators were fast! The whole time I kept thinking, "They are unnaturally quick, like the Tivo is on fast forward...." The teams were on two totally different speeds.

Troy Smith is one classy kid, though. Here's what he said after taking all the blame to himself:
"I have an understanding that not everything in life will go the way you want it to," Smith said. "Florida is a great team. I have no regrets, though. We came out and fought. If this is the worst thing that can happen in life, I'm cool."

This article calls the Heisman a jinx and shows how many Heisman winners don't go on to win the National Title the same year (Matt Leinart is one notable exception).

I'm not a Buckeye so it wasn't as painful to watch their demise as it was watching UCLA lose in the basketball finals last year to the Gators. And actually, what is striking about both losses is the way the Gators authored blow-outs of number one ranked teams. That school must be NUTS this year. I can only imagine the student store and all the t-shirts and schwag. How can you fit National Champs in Basketball and Football on one hoodie?

I'm glad football is almost over. It's just been brutal these last few weeks.

Even basketball. UCLA lost its first basketball game after being undefeated for the first months of the season... No, please...


my15minutes said...

It all goes back to an underrated SEC. Ohio State stayed on top because they didn't have the competition that Florida did...so even though Florida lost once, it had four or five rivals that made it a truly competitive team; Ohio only had maybe one team in its conference that was competition. At least that's the view at my household!

julieunplugged said...

That's what they're all saying this a.m. :)

I'm a Pac-Ten fan, myself, so I don't know the Big-Ten or the SEC. What I do know is that the Pac-Ten has almost always won the Rose Bowl when they meet there.

It sure looks like the SEC is good!

Matt said...

That was an amazing game. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't pulling for Florida, but the outcome surprised even me. If my favorite teams are going to muck things up this year (with the Boston Celtics continuing my good sports year), I may as well enjoy the successes of others.

- Matt

Sandy said...

At one point during the game the announcer said something like "Even the most die-hard Gator fan has to be surprised by this." Here we all screamed "No, we're not!" but that comment pretty much summed up the lack of knowledge about and/or respect for the Gators and the SEC that was rampant last night. The Gators answered where it counts....on the field.

Regarding the basketball connection: Joakim Noah said at a victory celebration in Gainesville after the basketball championship that it was "football's turn" and Meyer never forgot it. Meyer had Donovan speak to the football team early in the season about "keys to winning" and many of the players have said they never forgot it. The football team was certainly challenged and inspired by their basketball brothers.

51 days, the Heisman jinx and the "speed" issues aside, Ohio State was just out-coached and out-played last night by Florida. Meyer and staff came up w/ a great plan to confuse Ohio State's defense and shut down their offense. And the players executed those plans to near perfection.

Great game! Obviously, we're thrilled and proud here in Florida!

PS - Thanks again, UCLA. :)

julieunplugged said...

Hey Sandy. :)

Thought of you the whole time. I do think the SEC is going to get a lot more respect after these two career making wins. I was impressed, let's just start there!

I read about the b-ball coach's speech to the team. That's really cool.

And I guess you have UCLA to thank for the chance to go to the BCS Championship bowl game so that offsets in a tiny way the feelings of disappointment over the basketball loss. Hoping this is the Bruins' year!


brian said...

The "cool" got to the Buckeyes last night. Troy was cool. Tressel was cool. Everybody was cool. No fire.

It was a disappointing performance. Not to take anything away from Florida. But, I wish we had at least given them our A game. The Buckeyes did have a soft schedule (besides Michigan and debatably Texas). But, they are a better football team than showed up last night. Most surprising of all is the lack of game plan and adjustments from the Ohio State coaching staff.

Congratulations to the Gators. They were most definitely the better team (by far) last night.