Sunday, January 14, 2007

Am I three for three or what?

Not gloating or anything, well, yeah, I am, but hey!


So now.... will the Patriots put me at 4 of 4?

I just want to point out that in play-offs, I am now five of seven. Ahem.

Edited to add: Four for four. :)


Ampersand said...

go Julie...go Julie...four for four Julie

I am glad to sacrifice my pick for a Pats win. Pats vs. Indy whoo-hoo.

julieunplugged said...

Aha! we posted at the same time. Was that an amazing finish to a game or what? Tom Brady has to be the best clutch QB ever. (I am given to superlatives.)

Woo-hoo! Pats win.

Ampersand said...

Fantastic game. I should have known the Pats had it in them. Now there's renewed hope for an Indy loss *evil grin*. I so admire the Pats organization. They just do everything so well.

Dave said...

U of M guy, that Brady...

julieunplugged said...

Oh Dave, that's rich. :) He's pretty easy on the ol' eyes too.

Matt said...

That was a great comeback. I now get to watch two of my friends -- one for the Colts and one for the Pats -- tear at each other for the next week!

- Matt

Kansas Bob said...

I bow to you oh Queen of Prognostication :)

What saith your prophecies concerning:

1) da Bears and da Saints ... surely winged saints trump pawed bears?

2) thou Patriots and thine Colts ... howest can tea party heroes be beaten by they with hooves?

We entreat you NFL seer to make known your mysteries :)

julieunplugged said...

Oh Bob, you may kiss the ring on my hand. :)

Actually, I have no idea how next week will go. I obviously need to drink some more tea to get a good look at those leaves. I want the Colts to make it to the Superbowl and I prefer the Saints over the Bears. But what worked in prognosticating last weekend was not focusing on who I wanted, but on who I thought would win. I went with proven talent over surprising streaks.

So this week? Colts and Pats are both great... even when not.

Saints are surprising, but then so are the Bears.

So I'll have to get back to you. I like your picks.

thechurchgeek said...

are you sure you don't have the spiritual gift of prophecy?

Saints and Colts sure would be a tough one for New Orleans fans, with Peyton being the son of long time Saints quarterback Archie Manning and the Manning's being hometown heroes.

Ampersand said...

But, I wonder. Is she foretelling or forthtelling these outcomes?