Thursday, January 18, 2007

NFC/AFC Championships: Make your picks

Ack! I am torn between who I think will win and who I want to win so am throwing all caution to the wind and going with who I want to win:

NFC: Saints

AFC: Colts

I would not be sad if the Patriots beat the Colts, but I'd love Peyton to get his chance and think they can do it this time.

As for the Bears v. Saints: I just don't like the Bears. I've really disliked them since the Cardinals collapse on Monday night football. And who can root against the Saints this year? I mean, really?

So I'm hoping my prognostication magic works this weekend too, though I feel less confident than I did last week.

What about you?


Dave said...

West Michigan is presently undergoing a mass conversion of allegiance to "Da Bears" after too many decades of suffering as Lions fans. One local letter to the sports editor pointed out that Soldier Field is only 12 miles further from his house than Ford Field. All of which to say that a lot of people around here are trotting out their connections to Chi-town (even if it's remote, like "their brother-in-law's uncle who lives in Downers Grove.")

Having said all that, I think the Saints have a pretty good chance, if they can deal with playing in some c-c-c-c-cold weather. Dome teams having to overcome the elements to get to the Big Game don't have much of a strong track record... Because of that, I am going to pick the Bears to win, though I would be thrilled for the sake of the city of New Orleans if the Saints really did pull it off. That would be a fantastic story. So the NFC is a "no lose" proposition for me - I'd be happy with either outcome.

I really hope the Colts beat the Patriots. While I don't loathe the Patriots or anything like that, I like the idea of new fans getting to celebrate, and region but New England would have a great time cheering on their champs. And I think the Colts will be able to do it this time.

An Illinois-Indiana Super Bowl, after a Michigan-Missouri World Series...?


Kansas Bob said...

After last week's picks I'm with you Julie - Saints and Colts to the Super Bowl.

Colts: Even though Peyton hasn't done much in the playoffs to earn the shot I am hoping that he can muster up some regular season magic in this one.

Saints: Who can argue with Drew Breese ... it would have been nice to see him face the Chargers in the big one though.

brian said...

This week I'm going to pick with my head, not my heart.

I don't think Indy/Peyton are playing well enough to win again. So, I gotta go with the Patriots. I hope I'm wrong on this one. I'd love to see Peyton in a Super Bowl and I can't stand the Patriots.

In the other game, I'm going to go with the Bears. Again, it's a game I know very little about. Haven't watched much of either team this year.

So, it's Bears/Pats in the Superbowl. But, hopefully, I'm wrong and Peyton will finally have a break out playoff game.

julieunplugged said...

Brian, I get those picks. I thought about them the same way. I think the Bears have a strong chance of goig to the SB. The outdoor arena at this time of year may be the difference. I have a hard time picking teams I root against.

But if it goes Pats and Bears, I won't be surprised.

But all that said:

Geaux Saints!

Get 'er done Colts!


Ampersand said...

I think these are some awfully hard games to pick!

I am going with the Pats and the Saints.

I think Belichek and crew, having come this far, will find a way.

Grossman was good last week, but made some bad mistakes too. I think the Saints are very well coached team right and firing on all cylinders.

Having said that, honestly, I think anything could happen and I can't wait to watch the games...

Bring on the chips and dip!

Boogieman said...

I think this is Peyton's year, I am picking the Colts to win it all.

On the other game, I think weather will have a huge affect on a team that normally plays in a dome. So, I pick the Bears.

Exactly the opposite of my dw, Ampersand...but then again, we're used to that.

julieunplugged said...

boogieman! Love having your picks on my blog. I'm honored. And just think! Since you and Ampersand are opposites, it's guaranteed that two of the four are right so as a couple, you will hit the winners between the two of you! :)

Can't wait for tomorrow. I did lots of tax stuff today and have more to do tomorrow but hope I am deserving of the lengthy break to watch both games.