Saturday, January 20, 2007

Hot QBs

Let me just add that googling their images is a hoot! Each one repeats his identical pose in myriad settings. The most common pose for Mr. QB stud Tom Brady, though, was not repeated by any other QB. It's this shot, this one, and of course, this one. You'll find it over and over again.

That's the pose the other guys hope to add to their repertoires.


Ampersand said...

Since I'm up at 2 AM, this is a sight for sore eyes! Thank you for your public service ;-).

Kansas Bob said...

Cool pics of Brady and the Lombardi.

Peyton reminds me of Dan Marino ... best QB in the game (at least in the regular season) but unable to get to the big dance.

Here's hoping that we see his "A" game today ... QBs that toss INTs in the playoffs don't belong in the SB :(

Matt said...

I'm assuming the picture of Grossman was taken just before he threw an incompletion.....

- Matt