Thursday, January 18, 2007

Theological hoo-ha

In discussing with Jacob the meaning of the word kerfuffle (which means "hoo-ha" or "fuss"), we came across the most interesting word pair and definition that sent me roaring. Dave, you'll love all these new quirky words to add to your repertoire.
buddha kerfuffle

Whereas in Christianity theologians are said to cause a good old-fashioned God rumpus or Jesus pother, and in Islam mullahs might be at the centre of an Allah brouhaha, in Tibet and Bhutan the official term for the storm arising out of a controversial monks teachings is buddha kerfuffle.

Don't you just want to run out and start a God rumpus? There's a name for a theological discussion forum if ever I heard one!


Dave said...

"Hoo-ha" is offered as a definition?!? That's pretty amusing.

Is there a link for me to follow? I am always in the market for new and innovative linguistic twists.

Buddha kerfuffle... now there's a mantra that is sure to lead to a higher state of consciousness!

Margaret said...
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Margaret said...

Wow, and here I've been using "hoo-ha" in another way.

Buddha almost sounds like cotton candy or something. I love it! I also cannot picture it!

I'd definitely rather be in the middle of a Buddha kerfluffle than a God rumpus--been there, done that! Ain't pretty!

DMunro said...

Some great points in your column today on UPI, Julie. I know that when I "shut myself up" and really listen to people, and drop (or put on hold) whatever existing viewpoint I come armed with, I hear a lot. And while your column was about listening to new folks via the Web, the one-on-one combination of looking at someone and listening, really listening, can be magical because a oneness, a spiritual connection, can arise that transforms all involved. I've experienced this. Been lucky. Be well, and thanks!

julieunplugged said...

That's where this definition comes from. "Hoo-ha" came from one of the online dictionaries for "kerfuffle." LOL!

Thanks dmunro for sharing. I totally agree that listening in person is also powerful.

Sandie said...

Those are great Julie! I think a good ole God Rumpus would be very invigorating. I have used 'hoo-ha and kerfuffle' for years, as in "look at the hoo-ha you just caused :)" or "Don't make such a kerfuffle!" But I would never in a million years think of buddist monks and kerfuffle in the same sentence or term. It really paints a very funny picture!