Monday, January 08, 2007

Birding in Cincinnati with help from Google

Liam and I went birding in Sharon Woods on Saturday and had a wonderful time! There was one bird that eluded me though. It was a little creeping brownish bird that climbed up the tree (not down like a nuthatch). I had to wait until I got home to look for it. Tonight I discovered a website designed for Cincinnati Birders (all bow down to Google's omniscient powers) which led me to lists of birds likely to be seen in our area. I then searched Google images for pictures of each of the potential candidates and lo! I found a match!!

A Brown Creeper!

It's as satisfying to go Googling as it is to go birding, I'm telling you.


M.L.H. said...

Thanks for the tip on google-birding. I spent weeks trying to track down a quick-moving little olive-colored bird, field guide in hand, but utterly lost. One day at the park with the kids (not ideal birding conditions), the little guy showed off his diminutive red cap -- a ruby-crowned kinglet! To top it off I saw one the other day in the gardenia bush next to my front door!

julieunplugged said...

How nice to hear from you! I have been to your site before and I will add you to my blogroll. Bird watching is such a wonderful way to learn to pay attention to detail and to slow down.