Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Project 365: Seeing differently

In the spirit of a true postmodern, putting a camera in my hand is already making me see differently.

Tonight as I was driving around (without my camera - and will not make that mistake again!), I was paying attention to everything.

Have you noticed, for instance, that when dusk is gathering, tail lights and stop lights are luminescent? Ohio has big sky sunsets. The colors deepen the closer it gets to pitch black. The water towers and bare branches and old farm houses light up as the sky changes color. So beautiful! I didn't pay much attention before. Suddenly even old store signs look like interesting photo subjects.

When I drove home from taking Jacob to a youth group meeting, I drove behind a Toyota Prius. The license plate said "NO 2 OPEC." And then I thought: Rats! No camera. :)

At the YMCA today in the pool, I wanted a waterproof camera to capture the way the reflections rippled on top of the blue water. We have blue and white triangle flags hanging over the clear water and the gentle waves made the flags fragment into dozens of flags... really pretty.

I keep noticing reflections, contrasting colors, angles and how even modern life can be framed to show off something.

I wonder if a worldview course could benefit from silent observation through the lens of a camera. There is something to be said for patiently observing and appreciating what you see.

If you haven't joined up to take a photo a day, it's not too late. You can start with any date and just go for an entire year. If you do, let me know because I'll add you to my blogroll.


Sandie said...

You have captured how I felt when I took my first photography class in college. And most of my adult photography students felt the same way. That sense of 'seeing' that while rusty because it was put on hold for the last 10 yrs is coming back with a vengence.

I think it is a bit different for the teens though because they live in such a visual world that 'seeing' through the written world is what amazes them, if you can get them to do it :)

Dave said...

I just might join Flickr if they offer unlimited use of that "Andy Warhol" filter you applied to the feature pic here. Very cool and fun image!

Matt said...

Even though I'm only three days into it, I've enjoyed the project and the way I've started looking at things. I'm just a little too slow on the uptake, though -- Dave beat me to the punch with the Warhol line....

- Matt

julieunplugged said...

Sorry Dave, you'll have to pony up and join the Apple revolution to get the "Andy Warhol effect." It's a part of the program called photo booth that is on the MacBook Pro. Sooooo worth the extra money, though, I swear! :D

I love that effect and the others. Now that I'm a photo-taking maven!

Dave said...

My wife is taking my camera with her on a business trip to Atlanta this weekend, so that's my excuse for not formally joining P365 at least until Monday.

Dalissa 365 said...

365 is pretty revolutionary for me as well. Between doing this project and participating in Nanowrimo, I am rediscovering a part of myself that has been lost for the past 15 years since graduating art school and becoming a mother of five.