Saturday, January 20, 2007

I should dub this week: favorites in blogging

Catching the America Bug (Rob Asghar, the originator of The Great American Faith) posted a hilarious explanation of how Muslims justify the Qu'ran's godly authorship.

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Chuck said...

Priceless - except I'm offended at the slander against Corona :-)

On the serious side, when I read your highlight, it reminded me of the long discussion I got into last month with a coworker who is a devout Muslim. He spent a long time comparing the authorship controversies of the Koran versus the Hebrew/Christian scriptures. In essense, there doesn't seem to be an authorship controversy surrounding the Koran, so one only has to place absolute faith in the notion that God gave the words directly to the Prophet Muhammad. Once that leap of faith is taken, everything else seems to fall into place theologically.

It reminded me of the "logic" (or lack of) I used to see in Christian apologetics - i.e. Josh McDowell, etc. Find some unverifiable "facts" that you can make sound correct and everything fits neatly into place. Ugghhh...