Saturday, April 07, 2007

Saving more Bonhoeffer for tomorrow

We got to filling Easter eggs tonight (with candy at first). But my family is nothing if not enamored with the written word and very quickly the candy-filling technique was replaced by writing witty comments on slips of paper and adding them to the eggs. Quotes, questions, thoughts, wishes (all attempting to be funnier than the last) went into the humble plastic eggs. Tomorrow we will dye eggs in our traditional "Hey Dude, where's my egg?".. er, tradition. We write Shakespeare quotes, song lyrics, Disney movie lines and puns using the word egg on all our eggs as we dye them.

In any event, Bonhoeffer will have to wait. Until then, have a great Sunday morning wherever and however you spend it.


carrie said...

I hope we see some pictures of those dyed eggs! I look forward to more DB.

Happy Easter.

Sentient Marrow said...

I love how your love of writing shows in your egg decorating/filling! What a great idea of writing quotes inside eggs... I am unsure how it'd go over in my house but I'd love to try it one year.