Monday, April 23, 2007

Adventures in invading personal space

Excuses, excuses. I didn't let personal discomfort get in the way of telling someone she was going to hell.

Today's column was fun to write. :)


Ampersand said...

Been there done that. But, I was always on the receiving end of the question, post-church leaving and as assessment of my spiritual health (or lack there-of).

I never was much of an evangelist, when I was a christian. Perhaps a foretelling of my universalist tendencies ultimately winning out.

How wonderful that it was just a social curiosity on her part :).

carrie said...

I can't help smiling. You have shifted focus ans changed tactics, but you are still a "zealot" at heart. I think it will always be a priority to you to share what you are most passionate about with others. And not just share, but enlighten, challenge, and perhaps help them to see a "new way" of living.


Sentient Marrow said...

The end of your column cracked me up... can it be that someone merely asked a question with no ulterior motives?

brian said...

Fascinating how we read so much into a simple question. Since I've been on this journey of personal discovery (the last 5 years or so), I've been really trying to examine what's behind my reactions to someone's question. It interesting to read how you analyzed this situation.

I was playing golf with Jon a couple of weeks ago and asked him about where you guys were going to church. I've never seen anyone change the subject so quickly (or so forcefully). We did have a good laugh about it though. I was just curious. I'm not the "church police".


Davis said...

I guess that was a case of "Gotcha"!

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. But I totally get your inner struggle with this oftimes outrageous attempt at cornering someone.

Dave said...

Hey Brian...

I am the Church Police!

Or... I was. The Church Police was the name of the punk rock band I played in between 1980-1982!

You can purchase our hit single, "The Oven is My Friend" on iTunes. I won't receive any royalties from it though.

Steve said...

What I really want to know is where people go to do their small part in transforming the world. There has, over the ages, been a lot of nothing done inside the walls of the church. Maybe its time we took the church out into the world.

kimmy said...

I loved your lstest article. I've been asked that question a lot and I';; usually throw in that I have a BA in Religious Studies just to "prove" I'm not spiritually devoid...but I also like to say that although I was raised orthodax jew, I'm really a pagan. Nevertheless, The Youth With a Mission training communie in my neighborhood prays in front of my house regulary and the Jehovah Witnesses send a new couple to "tempt" me to salvation twice a month. I KNOW they don't want to know me and they aren't being neighborly at all and THAT is what drives me bananas...

I can't tell you how amazing I think you are. Opening yourself up and exposing yourself in a very real way. Thanks for sharing you insights and experiences with me:)

BTW, I nominated you for a Thinking Blogger Award :)

julieunplugged said...

Kimmy! I love seeing you here. I can't imagine being the target of thoe evangelistic strikes. When the Mormons come to my house, I invite them in for lemonade. The last two that were here were such dear boys. I just asked them all about their mission, where they were from, if they missed their families. They each drank tall galsses of lemonade and ate cookies.

Then they sort of tried half-heartedly to witness and I smiled and told them that I "got it" - that I had done the same thing and that my experiences had changed my life. The adventure of living abroad, meeting people and cold calling for the faith. I hoped that their journey would be as wonderful and life-changing.

They smiled and thanked me and left. It was a really nice visit. :)

I will give credit to Jon. He's the one who said once that we ought to invite them in, not sennd them away since we know better than anyone what it's like to knock on doors and share the faith with those who don't want to hear.

Anyway, I hope your natural joy and warmth rub off on your would-be converters. :)


Rob A. said...

What a great column. I linked to it. Thanks.