Saturday, April 28, 2007

Brady Quinn went.... 22?!?

I have never paid much attention to the draft until this year. Now that I've thrown in my lot with the bad boy Bengals, I actually care about whether we improve our defensive line or not. (By the by, did you know that the Bengals can't even consider a draft candidate with even a hint of drugs or misconduct in his past? They were required by NFL policy to draft only clean-cut, upstanding guys - not that they would have wanted it any other way, I just didn't know that they were required to be that careful).

In any case, the real shocker was Ted Ginn at 9 to the Dolphins. We'd heard Marvin sort of making the case for Ginn for the Bengals in a later round, but BAM! He went before Brady Quinn to a team that needs a QB for the future... Amazing.

It was painful to see BQ suffer through the rest of the first round. I was happy for him to wind up with the Browns (that seemed like such a good fit for him). And honestly, he is just such a great guy! I loved his reaction. He wiped his forehead in open relief and then pointed to the sky like he'd just thrown a TD pass to Samardja. Less money, but within a couple hours of his family. Not bad, not bad.

Bengals have Corner Back Leon Hall (much needed) and Running Back Kenny Irons (don't know him). We don't have a third round pick so tomorrow will be interesting again.

We needed that break from philosophical jargon, didn't we?


Rick said...

Kenny Irons should be really good. He's from down here, went to USC but Lou Holtz wouldn't play him and let him get away. He transferred to Auburn and Spurrier would've loved to have had him back.

Ampersand said...

Yeah, that kid really showed class. And this was a weird draft.

I have my first football post on my blog too :).