Friday, April 20, 2007

Grinding it out

At the Master's last weekend, the players swore under their breath and broke golf clubs against tree trunks. The course was punishing: fast dry greens with ill-placed cups, more trees than the Redwood forest, and polar temperatures. The winner finished the four day slog 1 over par. That's right. That's the guy who won; and no, it wasn't Tiger. The whole tournament was just about as painful to watch as it was to play, apparently. "We've got to grind it out," said one of the golfers.

And this morning I thought, "Dude, that's how I feel."

The putts won't drop, the fields are fast and I'm grinding it out. I'll be at the library all day dredging up the last remaining vestiges of verbiage for this thesis. Once finished, I hope I can post a few sections to discuss here. Bonhoeffer is radical and too often we've domesticated him.

Thanks for all the feedback this week and weeks prior. Namaste.


Rick said...

I get the feeling that if we go to everyone's blog in a few months, look back at this particular week in the archives, we'll find the same thing. Good metaphor on your part - just seems like it's a cultural, national thing right now, doesn't it? Or is it just me?

NoVA Dad said...

We're all pulling for you in the home stretch!! I have enjoyed your recent Bonhoeffer posts (although I haven't really had anything to contribute to the discussion), and look forward to reading more!