Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Episode of House: Pro baby, pro mother


I just never would have thought House would go the direction it went tonight. Incredible. I won't ruin it for you if you haven't seen it, but it's my favorite one ever. Honestly, the only thing that hasn't changed for me in the past seven years is how much I still believe the baby in the womb is a baby.

If you didn't get to see it, be sure to look for the repeat on USA. If you did see it, let's talk in the comments.


carrie said...

Replied elsewhere but wanted to say again that I will be looking for this in rerun. I'm sorry I missed it.

brian said...


I had mixed emotions about the episode. Actually, I think they did an excellent job of presenting both sides of the issue (rare in Hollywood). I was surprised. Rarely does anyone die on House. But, I expected this mother might so the writers could teach the lesson of how "foolish" she was to push it so far.

I loved Cuddy's role last night. She really stepped it up, playing House, so to speak.

What I disagreed with was the lengths they went to to save the baby/fetus. IMO, the mother's life does take precedence over an unborn baby (fetus) and I'd hate to see my wife/mother/sister die risking her life, particularly for a baby that really has no chance at life. The way the facts were presented on the show last night, the risks the mother took were incredibly high and the chances of saving the baby were extremely low- so low that they really appeared to be zero. Barring the miraculous way the lungs developed and the micro-surgery on an unborn 1 pound baby, both mother and baby would have died. That, to me, is a far greater tragedy than just the baby dying.

Great episode though. All's well that ends well.


julieunplugged said...

I know what you mean about the statistical side - that the life of the mother and baby were at risk to such a grave degree, the doctors were really on the wrong side of the percentage equation with this one.

Otoh, the unique factor here was that the mother was single and had no other children. Remember when he asked her her next of kin and she pointed to her belly or said her baby or something like that? For this woman, the baby was worth dying for because he was all she was living for.

What I liked about the story line was the fact that both options, both realities were presented to the viewer without commentary. I liked that House had to confront the baby/fetus, not just talk about it. I liked that the mother had to experience dying, not just dismiss it. I liked that Cuddy (just realized I spelled it wrong before) experienced House's maniachal need to solve the problem and save a life by taking risks.... this time, she felt what he often feels and he felt what she feels. What a wonderful reversal that was!

And all of it was prompted by fierce maternal love.

I know for me, it would be very difficult to abort a baby under any conditions and I wonder if that isn't just the mother part of me that is stronger than it is in men who want to protect their wives/women with that similar fierceness.

Ampersand said...

We watched it last night on the DVR.

It was a great episode.

Cutty taking House's role, but motivated by instinct rather that rationality -- brilliant! As a Mom, I too found the motivation completely understandable.

And the teeny-tiny shift it thought that House had as a result of everything was perfect.

The photography theme, the camera catching the *real* person, was a nice nuance to the episode. I like where they are taking the Cameron/Chase thing. It's nice that it is not falling on typical gender lines, as far as the motivation for the relationship.

Really great. Thanks for motivating me to watch it :).