Monday, April 09, 2007

Religionless Easter

My UPI column is back up. I wrote more about religionless Christianity in this column and used some of the Bonhoeffer material in it. I'll add detail to his views over the course of this week.


SusansPlace said...

I am glad you are back!! You can read my "religionless" response here:


SusansPlace said...

Your question "Who is Jesus Christy for us today?". My answer, if we are talking about a "religionless" society or in global terms, would be that Jesus is a Teacher.


Ampersand said...

Now that sounds like Easter: God at the center of life.

I really like that thought, and I very much appreciate the distinction. It makes me want to think more about religionless Christianity. Or religionless anything, for that matter. I just like the idea of religionlessness!

And it makes me want to read DB :).

Kansas Bob said...

I guess I still enjoy church (even on Easter) because it is still a place of vertical and horizontal connection. It is still a place where I sense God's love, and people's love, for me. Maybe church (for me anyway) is not so much a place of religion but a place of relationship.

julieunplugged said...

I totally realize that church on Easter is meaningful for lots of people. I get that Bob and I like what you said: that it's about relationship for you and not religion. If I were to return, that would be my reason as well.

Kansas Bob said...

Hope I didn't come across wrong in my comment. I'd enjoying doing church with you Julie ... I wish more people lived out their faith the way you do. Your honesty and openness inspire me.

Blessings, Bob