Monday, April 30, 2007

Jesus as Mother

In honor of Mother's day, I've written a UPI column about Julian of Norwich (we're studying her book "The Showings" in Doctrine 1). She's not at all my favorite theologian from these previous four years. But I did find her vision of salvation and Jesus provocative enough that I wanted to share it here, in connection with the modern topic of feminism. (I had no time to edit and in re-reading, I'm a bit annoyed by some of the choppiness. So fwiw...)


Sandie said...

I came here to read the comments I was sure this column would generate :) Julian has long been a favorite of mine, we often do a special service to her on her saint day. Her visions did keep alive (if dimly) a different way of seeing Christ. I enjoyed reading your column.

Rob A. said...

Good column. Fascinating insight about how male theologians could see a god of judgment from a relatively comfortable vantage point.

Davis said...

" I have a sneaking suspicion that when women had the chance to look into the heart of God, they hoped to see love, having felt the scorn of men for so long. Perhaps that explains why Julian could not imagine Jesus in masculine terms, since she hadn't known merciful males. Male theologians, from a place of absolute security, more often saw judgment for others (certainly not themselves) instead. "

This is so right - Jesus (God) became a merciless judge through the imaginations of merciless men.