Monday, April 02, 2007

Email: He is risen, to you too!

Subject: Your reflection

I was just preparing for a gathering tonight and found your website. I am saddened that you think so little of all the tenets of faith that go into Easter. Everything you wrote about is at the heart of Easter. We are sinners who needed Christ to die and rise for us. Flowers and decorations are about celebrating this reality. We were created in the image and likeness of God, yet act like demons in disguise. God made sure that his love is always present in our world through the Easter mystery. Everyday should celebrate Easter. But we have one day where we commemorate it through profound celebration. Yes, we should feel shame for our sins. We act less than what we were made to be and thereby dishonor our God with our infidelity. It would be crude to say that we shouldn't feel shame for the infidelity to a spouse. How much more God should be respected than even a spouse! And the other shame is that you share your misguided dribble with millions on the internet. Hopefully a church will see you in the pews this Easter!

Sabrina (director of religious education)
I have no idea what reflection on Easter she has in mind (I haven't written about Easter anywhere that I know about). However, I'm thrilled to think Sabrina imagines I have millions of readers!


Emily said...

That's hysterical. It's kind of like when I get asked at church what I do to protect myself at Xavier. I wonder where people get these ideas?! Well, as one of your million misguided readers, I hope you enjoy Easter, too!

Ampersand said...

LOL, count me as one of your millions!

Rick said...

I'm one of your minions - the millions are still standing in line :)

It's amazing how people can read a few sentences and completely judge a person. I've been reading your publishable thoughts for years and really have no idea where you're at sometimes, and like it that way :). Thanks for being YOU.

carrie said...

I wonder if it was the Bonhoeffer post. You detailed some of your faith journey in that post, which probably sparked her train of thought since Easter is approaching.

Interesting that she would email you, though, instead of posting a comment here. Maybe it was your UPI columns she read.

Oh well. I feel excited about the possiblity of a million readers reading my comments on your blog! Like...almost famous!

julieunplugged said...

I think, Carrie, I was thrown by the comment: "Flowers and decorations are about celebrating this reality..." When did I say anything about Easter services?

I definitely didn't in UPI and my email address that she used isn't listed there (it's my other one). I haven't written a column this year on Easter...

Curious and curiouser. :)

julieunplugged said...

Glad to have minions, er, millions rick. :) Glad you can't figure me out. I know you like it that way for yourself!

NoVA Dad said...

Glad to be one of the million minions:-) Keep up the great writing, thinking, pondering, and sharing -- even if it's in a column you DIDN'T write:-)

Davis said...

What a cranky remark! Has this gal nothing better to do? and clearly she hasn't really read much of anything but skimmed here or there and mixed up the words!

Gee Wizz Julie, I thought you liked flowers! lol