Friday, December 31, 2004


Have your kids discovered this new version of the popular computer game Sims?

The graphics are incredible! Three-D everything and all these choices about looks, hair, clothes, personalities, wants, needs, desires.

My kids have this to say about it:

"I created only two people: a divorcee and a kid. I don't know how anyone manages seven people in a family. Too many needs to keep track of."

Gee, I wonder. How does one keep track of that many needs? I'm still working on it...

I am so stressed out with my teenage girl character. She has to study to get good grades because her dad's need is for her to succeed in school. But her need is to have a social life and to eat right, get enough sleep and exercise. There's no time to do homework! I'm always so happy when it's the weekend so I can get her to study.

Jon's comment: Hey maybe we could get teens to play this game. They'd learn so much about how we feel.

Newsflash: Teens are playing this game. So perhaps there's hope for us! Empathy for parents from teens... sounds like a good ad campaign to me.

My characters have "romance" as a need. But that means they don't want babies. So they end up doing the "woo-hoo"s. That means they kiss and stuff and then they float into the sky and little hearts and clouds explode. Or they get in a jacuzzi together.

Yikes! Maybe a little too much empathy for parents... Pretty sure they're learning more than I did when I used to play dating Barbies in 7th grade. Think so? Uh, yeah...

The kids together created a version of our family and I look hot! I'm tall (taller than Jon) very curvy and am wearing a great red top with fitted jeans...

Wonder what the password is.... Woo-hoo.


Dave said...

My boys are mainly into Ragnarok Online when it comes to creating their own characters. More fantasy-based than the Sims, but not as "My Pretty Pony-ish" as something like EverQuest. More edgy, more Asian. My children are all into Asian pop culture. I think they see the Sims as a "girls game." Playing house and all that. Also, Ragnarok is the portal of choice among their friends, which is probably more influential than anything else. It's not so much about the game as it is the socializing that goes on when the characters are running around in teams embarked on various quests.

julieunplugged said...

I'll have to mention this to them. My 10 year old boy and 8 year old girl are into anime some and I would imagine this game would appeal to them. Thanks for the rec!