Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Lost and Found (Faith in the bloggosphere)

So I'm trotting around reading other blogs... (late to the party but still wanting food...)

On one blog, a gal who I'll call Mary, made the comparison that just like rescue workers look for the lost characters on the TV show "Lost" (and those characters can't claim to have "found the rescue workers"), God finds us when we're lost. We don't find God. Mary challenged the notion that we find God.

The set of comments following this post said things like "I know I wasn't looking for God when God found me." Hmmm. We all nod. But has anyone unpacked what that means? Were you hanging out at a mall, shopping for lingerie when God popped into Victoria's Secret in human form and said, "Hey, it's me, God." You drop the black panties you were looking at and say, "Wow! Not what I was looking for..."

This kind of talk about God just mystifies me.

I would so much rather think about God in ways that don't reduce Ultimate Reality, Absolute Mystery to a character in a story about me.

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