Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Still shaking...

My two brave kids wanted to sled on a big hill near the house because we got a blizzard today. We hopped in the van and snuck into the crawling line of traffic and headlamps where no snow-dozers or salt trucks have been. (Apparently salt trucks did not make the budget this year.)

As I snaked my way onto the correct road, I suddenly realized what an incredible idiot I am! A deep valley before a susequent mountain (in Cincinnati, anything taller than a two story house is Mt. Everest) dropped beneath me and rose beyond me. I watched a small white sedan skid down the far slope sliding side to side to get traction.

My stomach rolled and my ears rang.

So super-driver that I am, I jammed my foot on the brakes (Jon I know, I know... never slam on brakes; I need genetic reprogramming)... and instead started sliding. That "no-traction" squooshy feeling is worse than the first drop on Son of the Beast at King's Island. I gripped the steering wheel tighter because usually when the brakes don't work, my grip is powerful in its own universe (as in creating an aura of "halt"... Ohmmmm).

Must have worked. We stopped - thanks and praise to the Non-Material Layer!

My scalp is still tingling. My arms are numb. Poised at the top of a steep hill, I had to decide how to get the H-E-double toothpicks out of there without sacrificing my children and van to the snow gods.

We maneuvered to the left into the oncoming traffic lane trusting to our size as a deterrent to any other cars wanting a piece of us.

I successfully pulled the maroon boat around with minimal slippage and we inched home, shaking, swearing never to leave home again when it's snowing.

The kids decided to brave the hike to the "big hill" without the aid of a van-come-sled. Their noses were rosy. :)

On the bright side of snow, three female cardnials and one male are hanging out at the bird feeder today as are finches in winter drab, titmice and lots of sparrows. I love birds in the snow.

Pulse... 79. Much better.

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no'aH said...

aww.... mom, that's sooo awesome. tho i think you should slammed on the gas instead. ;-) hehe jk

love you.