Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Don't worry—Adam Clayton is all right

Apparently Adam Clayton (U2 bassist) was vacationing in Thailand when the tsunami hit and the world of U2 fandom understandably panicked. But he is okay. Tour is still on. (Tix on sale mid January; CD cover now profile artwork.)

Meanwhile the death toll in Asia is climbing toward 60,000.

I've already heard people credit God with their narrow escapes... I wish God had offered just a tad more warning to a much larger pool of people.

And I am sick of talk radio discussing the economic impact of this tragedy on Americans. Please. Someone, show some true sympathy for the victims.

I wish I lived in Indonesia so that I could hug people I loved and grieve with friends.

I wish I could hop a plane and hand out blankets and clean water.

I wish we could do more.

We can send money.

World Vision
Red Cross

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australisa said...

Your title freaked me out for a minute. Adam Clayton is my stepsons pseudo-name. Of course, I always associate you with U2 so my confusion was quickly cleared up. :-)

Sending money is a good thing. We should do what we can.