Sunday, December 19, 2004

The upside-down squirrel

I have this nemesis who hangs upside down on my bird feeder. You see, I watch birds, not squirrels. But most days, I end up throwing ice cubes at the squirrels instead. One of them is particularly impervious to my threatening glower. Come to think of it, so are most of my kids.

Today we had snow in the early morning so the birds came out once the sun broke through. The squirrels had competition and the birds were so hungry that they wouldn't take the ornery bushy tail-shaking "none for you" for an answer. The red breasted house finches alighted on the perches and my most ornery squirrel sat on the branch above waiting his turn. Now that is something to write home about. :)

Just finished my Christmas shopping. So nice to know that everything is done. Now it's time to enjoy sitting at the computer working my tail off before New Year hits, er, I mean, it's time to look at tree lights and sing carols and decorate gingerbread men. We'll see which part of me wins.


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australisa said...

I'm sure that you will sit at the computer working your tail off and look at tree lights and sing carols and decorate cookies and oodles of other things. :-)

Glad to hear that the finches won first turn! It's all in the motivation.

I have finished my shopping, too. Now we are going to spend the week before Christmas getting sick. Two down, three to go -- woo hoo!

I am hoping that this means that we will get to cancel our Christmas traveling plans. **evil snicker**

ps Ever tried squirrel fishing?

julieunplugged said...

OMG! ::Roaring:: Those photos are too much!

I like the idea of squirrel fishing. Might have to try it. }>