Thursday, December 30, 2004

Am I emo or what?

Johannah says: I think it's so funny when adults do stuff and think it's cool, when teens have been doing it for so long that it's no longer cool.

(On the subject of whether or not shooting pictures of one's feet is showing mad skills)


my15minutes said...

What's emo??

julieunplugged said...

Emo: type of music that is not punk but not metal either. They tend to dress in preppie goth (yeah, there's a weird combo) and black is their color.

Groups like Jimmy Eat World. :)

julieunplugged said...

no. beth. my mom is on crack. emo stands for emotional. it's kids that need attention to be happy but never actually ARE happy. and they listen to emotional songs about being misunderstood. it's usually like a rock acoustic sound.. like dashboard conffessional. and then emo kids usually have shaggy hair ande weird colors in their hair and have studed belts and wear chucfk taylor shoes. they wear rectangle black glasses a llot of the time, too.
they dont fight cause they cry too much and they don't rfeally hardxcore dance either. there is emoxcore which is kids who think they are tough but still cry a lot but it's more of just harder music with still depressing misunderstood lyrics.

emo has nothing to do with metal or punk, my mom was deeply misinformed. deeply.

the picture of shoes is emo cause meo kids always take pictures of themselves and post is on the internet for attention cause they are losers. and they are obsessed with their shoes cause they think they are sooo cute so they take pics of their shoes and put them on the internet and get the attention for it being a pic of themselves and get to show off their shoes... basically emo children are immature no lifersw that say they are suicidal but are too wimpy to end their lives.

but emo music is great!

with loooooooove,

julieunplugged said...

So I guess this proves that I'm an emotional self-absorbed loser who posts pics of her shoes to get attention from middle-aged women.

What I want to know is, Did it work?


P.S. My comments about emo not being metal or punk are accurate. It is not. So there ::sticks out tongue:: at zealous, types with four fingers daughter.

australisa said...


Adam (my stepson) likes emo music. I asked him how he would define it but I guess that he didn't fully grasp it either -- he left our the angst. :-)

my15minutes said...

Well, am I ever thankful that we have johannah to comment here. Your description is really interesting. Self-pity rarely does land one in Happiness, you know? I think Grayson has some of this music on his CDs because I distinctly remember some self-pitying lyrics and suicide...but it made me laugh because it was SO over-the-top. What are some songs I would have heard of, jurassic relic that I am?

australisa said...

Dashboard Confessional is one band that comes to mind.

Here is a self-proclaimed emo primer:

An article:

And a emo self-test: ;-)

julieunplugged said...

Lisa, you are such the research whore! Thank you. Johannah thanks you.

Beth, Johannah read your remarks and said that she doesn't thnk you'll recognize any songs because they aren't often on the radio. She listens a lot to Bright Eyes which sounds like one long whine. Jon and I always tease her and Noah about them because this guy makes Bob Dylan sound positively non-nasal and whiny!

Anyway, funny. I'll ahve to take that emo self-test and answer my own question.

australisa said...

OK, after reading the emo primer I am even more convinced that I didn't have a grasp of the "true emo." ;-)

Much like punk and grunge, by the time that the music is popular it has strayed from its roots. And the purists who like the emo roots will say that the popular music is not real emo.

But there is a case to say that you can categorize the popular bands like Dashboard Confessional, Taking Back Sunday, and Yellow Card as emo. It differentiates for the masses, like me. :-)

If you don't want to read the following chunk of emo quotes, please go to the end because I want you to see the question there. :-)


By 1999, this type of music had achieved a fan base far larger than any of the original emo stuff. In fact, that's what prompted me to write this website in the first place - the glut of info on the web about this and the lack of a historical perspective. Statistically, you the reader are most likely to be familiar with this type of emo. In the years since then, it's only grown far, far bigger. Jimmy Eat World and Thursday are in regular rotation on MTV and many corporate alternative radio stations, and sappy music like this Dashboard Confessional fellow is pulling in a whole new audience. This is well on its way to becoming a major demographic market, soon after which we'll see a lot of new bands with zero real connection to the original underground scene (unlike for instance Jimmy Eat World, who used to open at every emo show in Phoenix way back in 1994).


Emo bands : The Hated, Native Nod, Indian Summer, Sleepytime Trio, Evergreen, Embassy, Moss Icon

Bands like Senses Fail, The Early November, AFI, Rufio, Dashboard Confessional, Bright Eyes, Story of the Year, Death Cab for Cutie, The Postal Service, From Autumn to Ashes, Yellowcard, Brand New and the like are commonly referred to as emo bands, but usually the case is that they've got emotional lyrics and songs but the music doesn't match it. Brand New is an amazing band, many will agree, but their first album was a pop-punk album, and their latest release has a strong indie-rock sound. Story of the Year and Yellowcard are nothing more than pop-punk bands. Story of the Year adds screams, big deal; metal has screams but that doesn't mean the band is an emo band. I hope you can see where I'm going with this. Dashboard Confessional is pop-rock, nothing more and certainly nothing less. Chris's first two releases could be considered indie-rock but that's the extent. Death Cab for Cutie is an indie-rock band, along with The Postal Service and Bright Eyes. From Autumn to Ashes isn't close to emo or even screamo, which they're commonly referred to as. They're an alternative metal band.

Another misconception is that emotional lyrics make up an emo band. Isn't rap music emotional? Go listen to some Shakur and Bone Thugs; that's very emotional but they're not in emo bands. Emotional lyrics account for roughly 10% of the entire piece, you've got the musicianship and scene/style (of music) to account for, too.

Onto the styles: trucker hats, girl pants, shaggy (jet-black) hair, Saucony shoes and lip rings don't make up the style. That's what people refer to as 'fashioncore' and 'mallcore' styles. Ever seen pictures of Fugazi and Sunny Day Real Estate? I don't see jet-black hair or girl pants...but then you look at Senses Fail, Early November and Story of the Year and there are those elements.

With aforementioned bands having heavy rotation on MTV and the radio, the 'emo' scene has become a major demographic market (hence the 'emo style'). All of those bands have zero real connection to the original scene, and it's heartbreaking to see that.



Boo hoo, my heart is breaking. :-P

Is it like the label "Christian"? Do evangelicals get to own it and be heartbroken about other people who use that label?

australisa said...

ps And it's not even like evangelicals are the "roots" of Christianity. Even if they think they are...

julieunplugged said...


This is a great discussion and isn't it a riot how territorial purists of any bent can be?

Johnannah got a Death Cab for Cutie CD for Christmas from us, has all the Bright Eyes, listens to Dashboard Confessional and both she and Noah love the new Yellow Card song.

Jon and I got so tired of hearing emo on our stereo that Jon jokingly referred to it as "screamo" at the dinner table one night (thinking he'd invented a parody term to insult the muscial style) and both N&J erupted into: "This is certainly NOT screamo." Then they went into the intricacies of what "screamo" is and we roared! So there really is a musical style called screamo where screaming is heavily featured. :)

Ultimately it seems to all come down to that Nirvana problem - you feel arty and different, you express your art, you criticize the commoditization of art and then you get rich over it. Suddenly your fans suspect that you are selling-out and a whole new crop using your techniques and musical styles comes along to criticize you and the cylce begins again.

I see a pattern here that works iin Christian denominationalism as well. Maybe fast foods fall into the same trends! Lol

Well, time to listen to my U2 iPod which reveals what sell-outs those guys are - and rich, and gorgeous and prophetic and pop. Is it any wonder I love them?

willing groupie of whatever flavor of the month I like

my15minutes said...

Yellow Card! OK, there's one that I can identify.