Saturday, January 01, 2005

2005: Looking forward to...

U2's world tour
Woo-hoo!! Hope to see them at least twice—once with family and once with two U2 groupies. (Love you, Fellowship of the Toe Ring).

Trip to Italy
Our family is traveling to Italia to see my very hip aunt and uncle and their two kids, and to eat gellato. Very good gellato in Italy.

Society of Biblical Literature Eastern Conference
My first opportunity to see what academics do with all those papers they write. I may or may not present a paper (have been invited to) depending on my work load. But I'm looking forward to going no matter what.

The Launch of the Brave Writer Lifestyle
I've revamped my business and anticipate seeing more moms helped with making writing a natural part of homeschool.

Repainting our Bedroom
I will fight, tackle and conquer the boudoir aka "the Goat Sacrifice Room." Eighteen months ago I made the ill-advised decision to paint the back wall of the room red. I tried out various reds on the walls in various lightings before deciding on the "perfect" red... which turned out to be about as romantic as a barn door or strip mall Chinese restaurant.

Then as if the walls knew how scary they were, the paint literally began to bubble and peel in entire sheets right off the wall leaving behind spidery splatches of red. Definitely blood splatter—like some Old Testament priest's artwork. Of course as I tried to remove the rest of the paint, the wall came with it and now it's a big blotchy mess of spackle and spidery red lines.

What will you do this year?

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