Thursday, January 06, 2005

Breaking out the champagne!

Clink, clink! Here's to Jon and me.

I can finally get off this nifty little slave machine, aka my iBook G4.

I am celebrating my five year anniversary as a business owner. The very first Brave Writer class began five years ago in January 2000. What began as an email list of about 20 women has steadily grown to a business that has served hundreds of families. We cracked the thousand mark this month. Woo-hoo!

In celebration and in further expansion of the services we offer, today Jon and I launched the Brave Writer Lifestyle, my newest Brave Writer program to support homeschooling moms in their desire to teach writing and language arts. Jon redesigned the logo and is responsible for the website design.

Check out my website:

Brave Writer

I've also started a Brave Writer blog:

Brave Writer Blog

We even figured out how to host the blog on my website. No blogspot in the URL.

I've learned more about html and css this week than I ever thought I would in a lifetime. Jon has the real skills, but I'm at least getting a feel for how things are done and am doing some of it myself.

Just had to celebrate a bit!

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SusansPlace said...

Congratulations Julie and Jon!! Five Years is a milestone for a new business!! I know we have benefitted from Bravewriter. Hope y'all had a wonderful night of celebration.