Thursday, January 06, 2005

U2 Tour postponed

Not that this is where anyone who cares gets their U2 news, but just in case:

Along with today's Rolling Stone report that the tour has been
postponed, @U2 can share the following, which comes from a reliable

- Opening night has been moved from March 1st in Miami to March 28th in
Los Angeles

- Most dates that were planned for the month of March are being
rescheduled, some for the fall leg (see the Albany and Toronto rumors
at, which will likely go longer than originally planned to
make up for missed dates in March

- Concerts in Japan and Australia will likely be moved from late this
year to early 2006

- An official announcement of dates may come as soon as January 24

Important: This is all "word on the street" rumor at this point, and
nothing should be taken as official until it's announced by U2.

And finally:

Update: An announcement posted briefly at mentioned the delay
and had a quote from Paul McGuinness attributing the delay to
scheduling difficulties, with no mention of family illness. The news
item provided the following quote: "We've postponed the announcement
of the tour because the routing is still being worked on. As soon as
we get everything confirmed over the coming weeks, we'll let you

I'd love to go to LA to see them....


Dave said...

Julie, let me know if you hear about any dates for Chicago or Detroit. Or Grand Rapids! (yeah right! they'll just blow right past this little burg...)

My twins and I intend to go see them. They've never been to a bigtime rock concert before. I've told them all my stories about the glory days of 70's rock concerts that I attended, now it's their turn. We are also keeping an eye out for several of those emo bands you blogged about awhile back to come by.

julieunplugged said...

Will do. Consider me one news source for things U2. We're taking Jacob and Johannah to this concert and we listened to the new CD all day yesterday. They blew by Cinci last time too because there used to be a no general admission tix (standing on the floor without seats) due to the tragedy in 79 when the Who came through and people were trampled to death.

They've now relaxed that rule (Bruce Springsteen got it overturned). Maybe that will bring U2 here....