Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Recovering lost adrenaline: U2 ticket debacle

I, and thousands of others (not Lisa), did not get the U2 tickets we hoped for today in spite of our membership presale advantage. U2.com and Ticketmaster are responsible for the biggest presale debacle in recent memory. The TicketMaster agent I spoke with today said that in all her years working there she had never seen anything like it. Thousands of fans had passcodes they had paid $40 to receive, that did not work, that looked like they were working only to lose the tickets they thought they had secured (that would be me). It was an infuriating, unbelievably stressful hour of increasing despair.

I moaned, cried, scrambled, telephoned, emailed, posted, got angry, got sad and finally got tired. I'm out of steam.

For more details, visit the @U2.com website. And if you are a disenfrachised fan, you can join the growing ranks of fans who plan to file class action lawsuits. ::Sigh:: As David said so well in the comments section of a couple of days ago: Heroes always disappoint.

On the brighter side:

I do have a ticket to see U2 in Chicago. Not the one I wanted (it's in the rafters) and I am still planning to try again on Saturday for the General Admission ticket I had hoped for, but it is a ticket and I won't let this bad management keep me from enjoying the fan gathering my two U2 buddies and I have planned for four years.

Lisa and Stephanie: my U2 posse—I'm keeping the faith!

Chicago here we come.



WordyKaren said...

U2 is coming to San Diego, next week, I believe, so if you can't get to Chicago how about coming here? :-)


julieunplugged said...

Lol! I thought about it, believe me. They are selling tickets starting on Sat. but they are coming to San Diego March 28. That is most likely the same weekend as Noah's play (still no dates—I'm so frustrated by that). And I speak out of town right after that.

One of the issues isn't the location. It's the fact that the presale was a complete fiasco. There are thousands of fans who had purchased presale membership benefits and then the presale failed.

So now we are scrambling to try to get the tickets we want.

The Chicago date and location worked best for my other two friends and me. But I would have loved to go to opening night in San Diego. Painful not to. :)