Thursday, January 13, 2005

Family Guy (TV show)

Has anyone seen this cartoon for adults (on Fox)? My teens are crazy about it... and with good reason.

Last night I saw my first episode of Family Guy. The baby talks all the time and is not heard/listened to by anyone. His mission is to eliminate broccoli from the planet so that he will no longer be forced to eat it using Pinky and the Brain kinds of schemes. He speaks with a sophisticated British accent and a highly cultured vocabulary to make his points.

Sometimes this baby hits one out of the park. Last night as his mother carted him off to bed (against his will, of course) he shouted, "Put me down you estrogenical tyrant!"

Next time I'm suffering from PMS, I think I'll shout:

Make way for the estrogenical tyrant!


australisa said...

I haven't seen Family Guy but will look for it. Hormones are Hades.

I have seen Rat Race, though. Here is the one character who really cracked me up: Jon Lovitz

As much nasty experience as I have had with Nazi memorabilia, the scenes of his family going through the Klaus Barbie museum still make me roll on the floor laughing. :D

Dave said...

Hi Julie,

My twins download episodes off the internet. We don't watch it much on TV because Julie doesn't really care for some of the coarse humor on the program. I have only watched selected snippets, never full episodes. What got my attention a couple of weeks ago was the baby singing a cover version of Elton John's "Rocket Man." I have the original EJ version and my boys now love that song and play it with some frequency on their computers.