Tuesday, January 04, 2005

sTill CraZy in LoVe After aLL TheSe yeaRS!

21 years ago this month, Jon waltzed into my life and has never left. Yesterday, on his day off, he spent all of it moving my two websites to a new server (one isn't even for business; it's just for fun), making phone calls, redesigning my logo, reformatting every single page and template for Brave Writer and never once complained. Did I mention that he's amazing?

Here are some photos taken by our
California Fashion Model Photographer friend: Patricio.

Down by the O-hi-O River.

In our backyard...

Oo la la! (Kids, close your eyes)

Mr. Amazing

Best techie, friend and lover award

Thanks Jon... for everything.

Je t'adore,


Carol said...

Great pics, Julie!

my15minutes said...

"Get a room!"

That's what my 13 year old told us last night when we were similarly canoodling. We looked at each other and yelled back, "We HAVE a room...this is it!"

So to you and Jon I say, "Get a room!" :P

julieunplugged said...

Carol, I wrote that Oo la la just for you. :)

Beth, next time you canoodle, hand one of your kids a camera! :)

Thanks for commenting you guys.

Dave said...

Luvly pics, Julie. I appreciate them all the more for having met you both and getting a nice sense of the warmth that your love for each other has generated.