Friday, January 21, 2005

More and more and more snow!

Which means more and more and more shoveling.

I love snow to look at but this shoveling means I have to give up my New Year's resolution not to exercise for another year. My muscles are sore which I pledged to prevent by sitting on my duff typing rather than running around the neighborhood like some middle-aged woman in fear of cellulite and sagging arms.

Alas, my body is turning buff, much to my displeasure... yet to the general approbation of the masses.

(Photo compliments of my ten year old: Liam. He risked his barefoot toes in a windy doorway to capture me after shoveling the walkway.)


australisa said...

Awwww, and just when you get in good shape, here comes Spring and then you sit on your duff for another 8 or so months.

Maybe you could move further north?! :-D

WordyKaren said...

Pretty cute standing in the snow! Takes me back to Chicago when I lived in the white stuff for 20 years. I don't miss it it's pretty to LOOK at.


Dave said...

Hey look at you. I just blogged about my own snow-shoveling experience (no photo as of yet though) but that was before checking out your latest installment - just to let you know I ain't copy-cattin'.

Michigan got more snow than Cincy did, from the looks of it. That's how it should be.