Monday, January 31, 2005

International connections

I've launched a new program through my Brave Writer business. It's a free email list that supports homeschooling moms who want to succeed at teaching their kids to write. I also offer support in the entire area of living language arts which bleeds over into just having a rich, interesting life at home.

In less than two weeks, there are about 300 women who've joined the program. My in-box is full of emails from moms who have questions and comments. Such a blast!

What's touched me the most, though, is connecting to moms from outside the U.S. I think back to my time in Morocco and France (oh, how the Internet would have been such a lifeline for me!) and just love that I can reach out to moms living in Papua New Guinea or Fiji! (Both last week)

Today, I received the sweetest note. At first I worried. The woman writing it had horrible grammar and some spelling issues and she was trying to tell me how well my writing program was working for her family. Cringe... until I got to the end of her note:

Well in me you have a rare case because I am applying and adapting  your amazing ideas to Spanish, so I have to work twice, and please you are a writer so excuse my English grammar because I am doing my best because in spite of I understand to read it,  I'm learning to talk and to write it. 

You are excused. I'm humbled.


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australisa said...

Awwww, that's the best!