Sunday, August 03, 2008

Ferrets times two

There's a reason we say "ferret out a problem." Liam brought home two chicas today: Sugar and Bandit. They wiggled and wormed their way into every nook and cranny of our house within minutes of their arrival. Long skinny noses and slinky bodies slipped between dresser and wall, under covers, inside drawers, up the slippery plastic covering a prom dress and flattening themselves to squeeze into spaces not even an inch high.

These two are well tamed. We knew they were when we entered the apt. where they've been living and one of them hung "feather boa" style around a two year old boy's neck! He gripped the little she-devil by the middle and slung her down so quickly, I wondered if she'd nip his fingers. Rather, she put up with the acrobatics nonplussed and then slunk away on the carpet without twitching a whisker which is when I knew they'd be perfect for our family.

I'll post photos once I take a few. Liam is our animal lover. He used to have a pair of rats, but they only lived two years and had to be put to sleep when they developed tumors. (I knew they shouldn't drink Fresca?)

Ferrets live a bit longer (about 7 years) and are not known for any saccharine addictions.

And what about me? Well, life moves about like molasses these days. I've never felt the march of time to be more dirge-like. But I'll take it. Summer is here and I get to wear tank tops and flip flops. That counts for something! What's new where you are?


Kansas Bob said...

You are one brave mom.. those things creep me out :)

This is the first week of my transitional retirement.. hey, thse ferrets are looking better :)

rmkton said...

Currently going thru the process of letting go with my daughter...She is going to college in Holland, MI in a few weeks which is about 13 hours drive away. Actually I think I am helping my wife make the transition more than my daughter. She called me today crying :<( which is probably just the first of many teary-eyed sessions. Any advice for helping her (and me) go thru this?

NoVA Dad said...

Still in the process of wrapping up what has turned into an adventurous family vacation (which I've been blogging about over on my site). Can't wait to see what surprises are in store for us next!