Sunday, August 24, 2008

The tick tick tick of summer's end

One thing I'm not used to in Ohio is the fact that these midwesterners believe they can end summer by picking a date on the calendar. Labor Day, they randomly assign, is summer's end. So they close the pools, put the canoes up on blocks, end the rentals of pedal boats and hang their bikes from hooks in the garage.

I'm opposed to this falsification of summer's end. I missed July, August glued us to TVs for the Olympics and I'm just now ready for summer! Of course, on cue, we've got thunder storms. Sigh.

"This is not your year..." (The Weepies)


brian said...


Part of the "end of summer" issue is labor for places like the pool. Once the kids go back to school, there's nobody to man the rides and be lifeguards at the pool. I hate the fact that our season at the neighborhood pool is so short. The weather would allow it to be open for another month.

Given that I have no different routine in summer, the "end of summer" is no big deal to me.

Jon said...

I love how all the retailers start selling down vets (I just bought one!) in August. I know they gotta drive the next sales cycle but it sho nuff feels strange to buy a down vest when it's 90 degress outside.


Kansas Bob said...

Sounds like opinings of one of those California Girls to me :)

Sentient Marrow said...

Yes, summer went too fast.
And, yes, the Olympics was part of the reason.
Swim team, also.
*mopes around, scuffling feet*