Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's 3 a.m. Do you know who Obama's VP pick is?

YES! Team Obama promised to send a text message to all supporters (and anyone who signed up) announcing his running mate before the press would be notified. Yesterday seemed the day he would finally click "send" to that message, but then John McCain's inability to tally up the homes he owns took over the news cycle.

So Obama fans everywhere stalked the news, kept phones turned on and nearby waiting to hear who it would be.

By about midnight eastern, it seemed that either Joe Biden would be the vice presidential candidate (secret service had been deployed, crack team journalists - aka busy bodies - staked out his house and noticed that his "family was gathered perhaps to say goodbye before the convention" - lol, I mean really, they are just ridiculous, but anyway) or he was a brilliant decoy. I went to bed with my phone figuring I'd hear the little chimes go off around 7 this morning.

But no! At 3:13, my phone sprang to life and in it, a message from the Team Obama: Barack has chosen Senator Joe Biden to be our VP nominee.?

Is it not ironic in the most delicious way that Hillary's "Who do you want to answer the phone at 3 a.m.?" became Barack's: "We're counting on you to answer at 3 a.m."


brian said...


I didn't sign up for the email on the announcement because I figured I'd hear about within 15 minutes anyway. Frankly, at 3AM this morning, I didn't really care. It was fine waiting until I checked my email this morning.

I think Biden will be a good choice.

Bilbo said...

Being on the west coast I found out before I went to bed...The information leaked before the his text message supporters could get the message. Oh well, the mass media I suppose still has a role to play in this election...Great choice...Just what the doctor ordered. Biden is a great story...

SUSAN said...

What do you think of Biden as VP? I watched a brief clip of his speech in Illinois, where he made reference to their opponent's numerous houses. A young man said Biden will be the "Bulldog" for Obama. Do you think he will? If so, is this a good thing for Obama?