Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Obama is our Democratic nominee... the first African American

and it hasn't even happened in any other country. It is stunning!

If he goes on to win (and I think he will), America will set itself apart from every other country in the world.

A minority will have triumphed over the majority population to lead everyone. That is unheard of. It's why the whole world is watching us. It's why more people abroad hope we vote Obama over McCain. We have the ability to take forward the unique story of America - that whoever you are, you can become what you want to be if you work hard, enroll people in your vision and fulfill your commitments.

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brian said...

This is what a lot of people are missing. The intangible boost an African-American (or female) president will have on our status in the world and on our psyches at home.

A black president named Barack Obama will signal to the world that America truly is a land of opportunity and "you can make it if you try.". If Barack Obama can become president, any black man can do anything in this country. It's not a level playing field. But, at least the barriers are no longer impenetrable.