Friday, August 15, 2008

Matthew 25 Obama ad

Check it out! Brian McLaren and Matthew 25 have created an ad for Senator Obama.

Obama and McCain will be at Saddleback church on Sunday too. V. Interesting.

Wonder how xtns will vote, particularly those emergent ones. I like these developments.


Kansas Bob said...

Even though it doesn't say much (wonder what their point is?) it does seem to put pro-family in an entirely different light.. seems like they could make a simlar one about the McCain family :)

rmkton said...

unlike Dobson's view, "that these are the worst presidential candidates in his lifetime", I think these are the best two presidential candidates we have had in a long time. My preference (I know like yours Julie) is for Obama, but I am not going to cry crocodile tears if McCain is elected. I think he brings some good things to the table...IMHO

Bilbo said...

Thanks for passing this along Julie. It is encouraging to see a major Christian leader such as Brian McLaren coming out in support of Obama. I hope it represents that a change is taking place within the Christian ranks. It's long overdo in my opinion.