Saturday, August 30, 2008

Andrew Sullivan on Palin

I liked his take and thought it helped to address some of the other issues that are relevant to voters.
But let's be honest: Palin is now where she is - not as Alaska governor but as vice-presidential nominee - because an old white guy decided to play some identity politics, not because she has fought her way to the top of the national greasy pole. It's great that by a combination of a decrepit and degenerate political establishment in Alaska, and her own personality and tenacity, she has just become governor of Alaska. But McCain's choice of her - as is impossible to miss - is a cynical ploy to exploit Democratic divisions over gender. I mean: how many Republican vice-presidential picks have lauded Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro in their acceptance speech? It wasn't even subtle. I find this kind of attitude to be about condescension, not feminism, about tokenism, not post-gender meritocracy.

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Dave said...

I posted this note on Facebook re: Palin, in light of the latest revelation of her daughter's pregnancy:

Sarah Palin Needs To Withdraw

I know that some of my conservative and Christian friends may disagree, but it seems clear to me that Ms. Palin has a lot going on in her life right now. An infant with special needs, a pregnant teenage daughter who's apparently due to give birth sometime btw the election and Inauguration Day, and her on-going duties as a first-term, recently elected governor of Alaska. On top of all this, she wants to add the rigors of a presidential election campaign and the potential transition of assuming office, moving her family to Washington DC and managing whatever crises may present themselves on the domestic or international stage over the next four years? She would do well to express her regrets and withdraw her candidacy for VP. It's not too late - she hasn't officially been nominated yet. And my critique isn't about gender either - it's just about life priorities and what should be most important in any parent's life. I'd say the same thing about Biden, or Obama for that matter, if their personal situation was in such turmoil.

Let your family grow up and settle down a bit, Ms. Palin - you are young and you have a promising political future. Don't blow it all on a failed effort with John McCain!