Saturday, August 16, 2008

Liam and Linkin Park

I wasn't the only parent attending this concert with a teen (or younger kid!). But I might have been the only parent who knew the lyrics to all the songs, jumped up and down (which is not a risk-free proposition for a mother who's given birth five times) and devil horns'ed Chester and Mike.

I don't know what it is about Linkin Park, but I love that band. Their sound is original for rock, Chester and Mike trade off so easily and with what appears to be genuine respect for what each one brings to the table. Their lyrics accurately (painfully) depict the inner world of a teen misunderstood by a parent (a dad!) or a lover or a friend.

Pathos combined with trademark screams, DJ, drums, killer guitars... such an emotional concert. Cathartic.

Chester Bennington exerts relentless energy on the stage (akin to a young Bono - there I said it!). He doesn't waste vocal chords or time talking to the audience about getting drunk or smoking weed (like the "still not prime time" bands that went before LP). He puts everything (rippling muscles, voice, soul and tattoos) into each lyric. I have no idea how he sustains the melodic, tuneful part of his voice when he gives each scream the maximum "nails on the blackboard" screech that lasts as long as Michael Phelps under water after a turn. Some people are born to perform. Chester is one of them.

The combination of lights (awesome light show), intensity of performance, the tight band which never missed a note, chord change or drum beat, and the natural, friendly interplay between the two front men make Linkin Park a likely candidate to be one of those "great bands" we all feel glad to have seen in the early years. I told Liam that when he's in his thirties, I fully expect him to take one of his kids to see LP and he'll be saying he saw them when they only had three-ish albums to draw from.

I left exhausted... in the happiest way. Liam and I hugged, sang, shouted, jumped, and hugged again. Nothing but exhilaration. And further proof that I'm just not indie at core. Give me rock... but make it fresh.

Set list to come.


musing said...

This might sound weird to some, coming from a 46-yr-old mom of four, but rock concerts help me stay hopeful in this miserable, f-upped world.

I so enjoyed hearing about your and Liam's experience. Rock on.

Nikki said...

I'm jealous. I'm also a big fan of LP... they have helped me thru a lot of angry times. :) I'm SO glad you got to enjoy that with Liam!

RMD369 said...

My teens are a distant memory but LP's lyrics just hit home. They sing about universal themes of being misunderstood, hurt, angry, regret, etc… and those go beyond age, social status, gender and so forth.

Seeing them LIVE is an experience I would recommend to anyone who enjoys their music. The energy from the band and the crowd can't be beat! So glad you and Liam had such a great time. Good times and memories to be sure!

rmkton said...

So cool you got to see LP and share the experience with Liam. I have been to a few concerts with my older daughter and can't say that I really enjoyed the experience (she is into screamo... which I still don't quite get) but am so looking forward to Oct when I am taking my middle daughter to see.....The Who...whoa!