Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Beach Volleyball: Walsh-May Conquer All!

I can't believe we won't see them again. They've created the enduring memories of these Olympics and the last ones. Yes, Phelps. Of course, Nastia and Shawn. But for me, I have to say I enjoyed every single match Kerri and Misty played. They couldn't stop bouncing after they won!! Such exuberance. What joy!


brian said...

Man, they were awesome! I remember watching them before. But, there seems to be something special about the way they play together now. I can see why Misty May refuses to say which is the better player because they really complement each other well.

After the interview last night, I'm not so sure this is the end of May-Walsh. They want to have babies. But, they could still come back and play.

Kansas Bob said...

That was one great match.. closer than I thought but perfect in results.. hard to imagine that they did not lose one set!

SUSAN said...

I loved it too!!

Did you watch the men win last night? Misty was so cute in her hat, cheering the men on.