Wednesday, February 08, 2006


My goodness. Total validation for Kelly Clarkson - both awards (Best Female Pop Vocal for "Since U Been Gone" and Best Pop Album for "Breakaway") showing that this first American Idol is the real deal. I love her personality. Still so unaffected.

But what is really surprising is the way Mariah Carey and Gwen Stefani are losing to U2, Green Day and Kelly. What's up with that? I am the U2 fan, punto fin. I always root for them. But I really expected them to be honored with nominations while grammys went to some of these other artists (particularly Kanye West - what a performance with Jamie Foxx!).

Album of the Year still ahead. I had already decided U2 wouldn't win... but now I'm not sure.

So I post this much without complete results, and will gush with enthusiasm and update the entry tomorrow.

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Dave said...

My oh my, you are quick on the draw! I was just reading through the Grammy results and wondered if you had blogged about it and shur'nuff, here are your thoughts while the event is still in progress!

So as you know, U2 got both Album and Song of the Year. I think this outdoes the prestige of their "All That You Can't Leave Behind" haul, doesn't it? Or did that album and "Beautiful Day" get the same honors? And no doubt you noted that Green Day won Record of the Year for "Boulevard of Broken Dreams," and Springsteen's "Devils and Dust" got the Solo Rock Vocal award.

The Grammy winners that I'm most pleased with are the Chemical Brothers who got best Electronic/Dance Album and Song of the Year for "Push the Button" and "Galvanize" respectively. Unfortunately, they didn't get the prime time exposure, thus depriving them of an extra million or two sales of their CD, I'm sure.

Other winners that I'd like to endorse:

Burt Bacharach! Here's a quote on him from the NY Times coverage.

More than halfway through the show, no one had taken a pointer from Mr. West and lobbed any political barbs at the presidential administration. But during the preshow awards ceremony, when Burt Bacharach's "At This Time" (Sony) was named best pop instrumental album, Mr. Bacharach accused Mr. Bush of taking the country into war by "lying" that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. "I never like to be lied to by a girlfriend or agent, and certainly not the president of the United States," he said backstage. But, he quickly added, he would never say such things onstage.


The White Stripes, System of a Down, Gorillaz featuring De La Soul, John Prine, Damian Marley, Shakira, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Spamalot and Senator Barack Obama!